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One of four early Viking-Age picture stones from Stora Hammars in Gotland, featuring scenes of battle, and imagery interpreted as having a mythical or religious referent. Dated to c. 550 - 799AD.For a series of high res images, see…

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A new app is coming that will permit visitors to Gamla Uppsala to see the environment as it used to be on an iPad that they can borrow from the museum.
The Stone ship or ship setting was an early burial custom, characteristically Scandinavian but also found in Northern Germany and the Baltic states. The grave or cremation burial is surrounded by tightly or loosely fit slabs or stones in the outline…

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Four boat burials and several other burials from the period immediately before the Viking Age were found after a chance metal detector find in Bitterstad, Norway. Excavations on the site showed that the boats were c. 8m long with room for 12 rowers.…

Viking sword from the Salme ship burials
Two Viking boat burials dating to c.750 AD were found in Salme, Estonia, when workmen were laying electric cable for a cycle path. The ships contained men who had died in battle together with some of their possessions.

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