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2016-10-14 (1).png
Archaeologists digging in Trondheim have found human remains and the remains of a church that may date to the early 11th century. The site, behind the library in Trondheim, was thought to be the location of a church, but now proof has been found, and…

2016-08-11 (6).png
Evidence has been found that Tønsberg really is Norway's oldest town, and that it could have had an urban character by the 800s.

2016-06-16 (1).png
Four boat burials and several other burials from the period immediately before the Viking Age were found after a chance metal detector find in Bitterstad, Norway. Excavations on the site showed that the boats were c. 8m long with room for 12 rowers.…

Mounts reworked as pendants from Slemmedal hoard
The Slemmedal hoard is one of the largest Viking-Age hoards found in Norway. It was found in Grimstad on 19th May 1981, and consisted of 2.3kg of silver and gold artefacts.
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