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Boðvin Vikinglag is a Viking reenactment group in Bodø, Norway.
Across the field and down the hill, there's a little gravel road on which you will find many things. Viking men and women, living in tents as their ancestor's did, have wares to sell from fresh baked bread and cold drink to finely wrought steel. …
In dieser Sendung besuchen wir das grösste Vikingsmuseum in Norwegen: Lofotr. Dieses befindet sich auf den Lofoten bei Borg.

A Swiss video about visiting the Viking Museum at Lofoten.


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NRK reports on a group from the Lofoten Viking Museum who travelled to Russia to promote tourism in North Norway.
From a visit of Lofotr Viking Museum during the Viking Festival in August 2009. Rowing the Viking ships Lofotr and Vargfotr.

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Four boat burials and several other burials from the period immediately before the Viking Age were found after a chance metal detector find in Bitterstad, Norway. Excavations on the site showed that the boats were c. 8m long with room for 12 rowers.…
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