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Documentary about the replica of the Gokstad ship that crossed the Atlantic in the late nineteenth century. For more information, see

This blot was held at the ancient pagan burial mounds of Uppsala and was organised by Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige.
Every evening around 9pm GMT I read from 'Vikings: Raids. Culture. Legacy' book by Roderick Dale and Marjolein Stern, with permission from Carlton Publishing. Come and join me on Periscope for the live reading of the book: Twitter: @GBVQuest


Clip of a documenrary broadcast on RTÉ 1 in 1989 about the Wood Quay excavations, and made available in theRTÉ Archives.See for a…

An online exhibition from RTÉ Archives using archive footage to tell the story of the Wood Quay excavations and the public protests in the 1970s and 80s.

Four chapters:
01 ‘Save Wood Quay’ Campaign
02 Viking Site and Proposals
03 Dig,…
Across the field and down the hill, there's a little gravel road on which you will find many things. Viking men and women, living in tents as their ancestor's did, have wares to sell from fresh baked bread and cold drink to finely wrought steel. …
10 things you did not know about Vikings. A comprehensive video about these mythical warrior people who are more popular than ever. Do you think they were bloodthirsty, hairy murderers who just could rob, rape and set fire to the towns they came to?…
This is the first in a series of presentations for the Hurstwic Heathen Study Group, an organization that meets monthly for informal presentations and discussions on topics of interest to heathens and to anyone with a passion for Norse-related…
This video perpetuates some myths about the Vikings' sudden appearance as a historical phenomenon, but highlights the fear that might have been felt by the inhabitants of the places they raided.

Bishops. Manuscripts. Pilgrimage. Wealth. In 793 CE,…
PBS NOVA - Vikings Unearthed - New Documentary 2016

Uncover the truth behind the legendary Vikings and their epic journey to the Americas.
Bloody raids. Merciless pillaging. Loathsome invasions. The Vikings are infamous for their fearsome…

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A series of short documentaries about the Vikings

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SarahRowsSolo explains why the sea is salty, including some Viking folklore about why they thought the sea was salty. Folklore begins about 7.10 into the video.
Subscribe to Red Ice Radio in iTunes:…
Subscribe to Red Ice Radio in iTunes:…
Episode 08 of Rory McGrath's comical look at some of the nastier moments in British History. This one begins with the first raid of THE VIKINGS in 793.
In this episode we take a look at the "Hávamál": a text written as part of the Poetic Edda in late 13th Century Iceland. Hávamál means "the Words of the High One"; the High One being Odin, chief of the Norse gods. Dig it!

Please feel free to…

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Norsk historie, sesong 1, episode 2: Nordmennenes land - 800-1270
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