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The Ytri-Ásar sword was found by hunters at Ytri-Ásar in southern Iceland in 2016. It is being conserved now and was on display briefly when this photograph was taken.

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Oldest known remains of an Århusianer - a headless Viking skeleton (presumed murdered). 9th Century. Displayed in Aros Of The Viking Age exhibition (Aros = today's Århus, Jutland = Denmark's second-largest city) at Vikingemuseet Århus on site of…

Saebo sword: Bergen Museum
The article describes the Sæbø (or Thurmuth) sword. This sword was found in an early 9th-century barrow at Sæbø in 1825. It has a runic inscription on its blade.

Ribe VikingCenter has reconstructed eight town-houses from the year 825 AD, inhabited by re-enactors and craftspeople, including the carpenter and shoe-maker. They are based on buildings excavated in Ribe town.For more information about the Center,…
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