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DSC02991 (2000x1499).jpg
A parrel of oak which was used to help hold the yard to the mast and aid with lowering and raising the sail. Used on a medium sized ship. From Wood Quay excavations.

DSC02988 (1581x2000).jpg
Breasthook from the bow of a boat or ship from excavations in Fishamble Street in Dublin. Dated between the tenth and twelfth century.

DSC02976 (2000x1500).jpg
Various drawings of Viking ships, including one with a small figure in the rigging, from Viking Age Dublin.

DSC02717 (1280x963).jpg
Leather shoes and shoe sole from Fishamble Street, Dublin. E190: 7366; E:190: 422; E190: 419

DSC02731 (1280x960).jpg
Leatherworking tools from Fishamble Street and High Street, Dublin, including a leather scorer, cutter, iron punch and iron awl with antler handle.

DSC02715 (1280x958).jpg
Walrus ivory plaque with beast motif, of Anglo-Saxon origin. Found in Fishamble Street, Dublin. E190: 7211

DSC02677 (958x1280).jpg
Iron fish-hook from St John's Lane (E173: 398) and Billhook from Winetavern Street (E81: 1864)

DSC02670 (1280x960).jpg
Pair of silvered spurs from Fishamble Street. Spurs were probably introduced to Ireland by the Vikings, and the examples from Dublin are the earliest surviving spurs from the country. E190:2156
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