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In one section of the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm representing the Viking period, Swedish women are represented in one individual display case by a great number of keys found in various archaeological digs. Keys are everyday and familiar…

Souvenir replica of a Viking cone beaker from Birka made from hand-blown glass and hand-forged iron stand. On sale in Museet Ribes Vikinger.

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'This paper deals with archery in the Viking Age settlement of Birka and in particular the presence of Euro Asiatic, steppe nomadic archery equipment at the Birka Garrison and one Birka grave.'

A bronze ear scoop (c. 800-1099) from Birka discovered in excavations on the island of Birka (Björkö) in the late nineteenth century. For higher resolution and more images, see the website here

This amber cat was found at Birka in Sweden. It is about 3cm long and looks like a sitting cat.

This beautiful ear scoop was discovered in excavations on the island of Birka (Björkö) in the late nineteenth century. It features a figure which has been interpreted as a valkyrie, and was probably a very high-status item.For higher…

A silver crucifix from Björkö in Sweden discovered in the late nineteenth century and housed in The Swedish History Museum (Historiska). Often considered the oldest crucifix in Sweden. For more images and higher resolution, see hereA very…

A copy of a Viking-Age 'ear-scoop' found in excavations at Birka, Sweden. The replica can be purchased on the Viking Shield websitehere

Reconstructed Viking boats at Birka in Sweden
A short essay about the Viking Age town of Birka in Sweden
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