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Two silver fibulae depicting women. One shows a woman with two plaits in her hair. The other shows an armed person on horseback with an armed woman holding the horse.
SHIELDMAIDEN is a short animation film about VIKINGS! Follow the adventures of the warrior girl Rota and her companions in their travels hrough the dark forests of the north!

The first part of a viking saga. Our two heroes…

A silver gilt Valkyrie or shieldmaiden figure from Tjørnehøj in Denmark.

A silver fibula in the form of a woman with a shield and sword. This has been identified as a Valkyrie, although it may be a shieldmaiden.

A study of burials of Norse migrants was trumpeted by the popular press as showing that half of all Viking warriors were women.1 This is not the case as Tracy V. Wilson explained on her blog. The study focused on a small sample of Norse migrants and…
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