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Barraclough Recording.mp4
Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough (Durham University), ‘ The Great Viking Fake Off: Norse Forgeries in America’. Chaired by Alison Killilea. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016.

A small boat named Viking, with a stylised Viking head with beard and horned helmet. Seen on the canal in central Amsterdam.

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Innocent produced a series of magnets featuring letters of the alphabet illustrated by an object or subject starting with this letter. Here we see V illustrated by Vikings, using the most well known symbolism of horned helmets, shield, axe and ship.…

Bar named after the Vikings in this small town in A Coruña, near Santiago de Compostela. The Vikings did reach this part of Galicia, first raiding the coast in the mid ninth century, but the connection to the Vikings in this specific town is not…

A billboard for the new Underground line in Berlin, featuring a Hertha (Berlin football team) supporter with a Viking style supporter's hat.

A 'Viking' style Irish horned hat from Landsdowne Kid's Hats, seen in Dublin airport. One of the few examples of appropriation of Viking and Norse culture at a national level.

This stone tower in Touro Park on Rhode Island has been thought to be a Viking construction. This is not the case, and the arguments for it have been shown to be wrong in every regard. The earliest references to it describe it as a stone windmill,…
The origin of SPAM.

A clip from Monty Python's Flying Circus involving spam-loving vikings with horned helmets!

Information leaflet about the Sólfar sculpture, often described as a 'Viking ship' and the artist Jón Gunnar Árnason.

Sólfar / Sun Voyager by artist Jón Gunnar Árnason is often described as a Viking ship, when in fact the inspiration is more complex, as this information put together by the artist's daughter, Thorbjörg Jónsdóttir, explains. The document…

A map of the Viking world as named by (or as known to) the Norse peoples. Whilst the names are not entirely accurate (and include a few not recorded in Norse sources), it does illustrate the extent of Norse activity.

Ales produced by Einstök ölgerð, and featuring a viking with beard and horned helmet on the label (the Einstök logo).

A promoter in Viking dress (with horned helmet) directing customers to Leo Burdock fish and chips in Temple Bar. The restaurant appears to be capitalising on the Viking heritage of Dublin.

This souvenir was seen in Vigo, Galicia, with the label 'Runica Nordica'. There are several designs, which all seem to be a combination of runes with geometric shapes, and an accompanying value (such as 'love'). There is little discernible connection…

This is a news article from the CBC website about the activities of an extreme anti-refugee group dubbed the 'soldiers of Odin'. Their logo is a viking (with horned helmet) with a Canadian flag as a beard. Organisations such as this are a reminder…

Armour All is a company producing automotive care technologies. Their logo is a Viking with horned helmet, as photographed here in a store in Cork, Ireland. You can see the development of the logo on the history section of their website:…

Vintage Viking aftershave for men, featuring a horned helmet as its logo. Seen in Arthur Mayne's Bar in Cork.

DSC02966 (1280x960).jpg
An interactive Viking-themed tour in Dublin. Photographed in Dublin, August 2016.The amphibious vehicles are named after Norse gods.As described on the Viking Splashwebsite: "Let the Vikings show you the sites and scenes of the capital city from a…
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A game produced by South African Independent Games Development company, Gobbo Games. The game describes itself as "much more than your average, run-of-the-mill, Viking BMX Game." The game plays on stereotypes such as horned helmets, and is playfully…
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