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A map of the Viking world as named by (or as known to) the Norse peoples. Whilst the names are not entirely accurate (and include a few not recorded in Norse sources), it does illustrate the extent of Norse activity.

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Details about the exhibition can be found at

The Online Learning Website from Dublinia features interactive maps of Viking and medieval Dublin, and nine audio visual animations on historical sites in the city, available via a free online platform at

Dublinia interactive map.png
An interactive map of Dublin with a slider allowing a view of the city development through the Viking and Medieval periods. Produced by Dublinia as part of their Online Learning Resources, and available for Primary Level and for Everyone.

A virtual tour of the Ribe VikingCenter, demonstrating the layout of the three main areas and allowing families to plan their visit to the Center.For more information about the Center, see item#1007and the officialwebsite

The Icelandic Saga Map project has created an interactive map of the Icelandic sagas, linking places on the map to events in the sagas.

Neighbourhood of the Gods.jpg
Many of the streets in this central area of Reykjavík are named after the Norse Gods. The first street to be named was Óðinsgata in the early twentieth century.

A print out and colour in map of the Viking World from the Layers of Learning initiative, which is a homeschool curriculum company and produces several free-to-share educational resources for children. A PDF can be downloaded at their website.

Detail from a map in the Calf Sound Cafe & Visitor Centre, detailing several Norse names, including Kitterland, the Calf, and the Cletts, deriving from the Norse word klettr meaning 'rock'.

A map of the Netherlands in 850 AD

The Carta Marina from Olaus Magnus' 'History of the Nordic Peoples' published in 1555

An outline of the Viking Age settlement(s) at Limerick

A map showing the location of the archaeological site of Woodstown near Waterford.

An outline map of Viking Waterford, based on evidence from excavations in the city.

A map of the late Viking-Age settlement in Cork, based on the limited available evidence and the later medieval city.

The Vinland Map is a mappa mundi that depicts Vinland, the Viking name for America. It first came to light in 1957 when it was offered for sale by an anonymous private library. It was thought to date from the mid-fifteenth century, and to be based on…
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