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Example of animated rune stone at Haithabu/Hedeby Viking Museum, Schleswig, Germany. The exhibited runestone features a simple animation with a voice over and translation of the inscription.

A virtual tour of the Ribe VikingCenter, demonstrating the layout of the three main areas and allowing families to plan their visit to the Center.For more information about the Center, see item#1007and the officialwebsite

Juni Viking Life_Saving Equipment Esbjerg DK(9).jpg
Viking Life-Saving Equipment company van. ”Viking Service Esbjerg. Når hvert liv tæller" ["When every life counts"]. Company founded 1960 as Nordisk Gummibådfabrik (Nordic Rubber Dinghy Factory), later renamed Viking Life-Saving Equipment.…

The logo of this steel storage company in the Port of Tórshavn appears to be based on the sail of a Viking Ship

Photo of Northlink Ferries in Lerwick, Shetland. Their logo features a pointing Viking with flowing hair and a horned helmet. Northlink operates between Scotland and the Northern Isles of Orkney and Shetland.
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