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For more information see

Detail of the weaving on Havhingten's sail. For more information see

The windward side of the sail, shrouds, mast. The sails are made from densely woven sheeps' wool dyed with ochre and treated with horse main fat. For more information see…

This paper explores the logistical consequences of the introduction of sails to Scandinavia on the threshold of the Viking Age.

A follow-up post about the practicalities of making sails for Viking ships. See the related items for earlier discussion on how Vikings made sails.

A blog post discussing the practicalities of making sails for Viking ships.

The logo of this steel storage company in the Port of Tórshavn appears to be based on the sail of a Viking Ship

Ship detail from the lower panel of the Lärbro Tängelgårda I Image Stone (SHM 4373 I), one of three related stones from Lärbro Parish in Sweden. This panel shows a ship with nine individuals with helmets, and what may be a row of…
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