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The lesson plan was designed to supplement the reading of the book, "Viking It and Liking It" by Jon Scieszka, which is part of a series of books called Time Warp Trio. This was then turned into a television series. Instead of playing Viking…

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The School Run is a resource providing additional information and activities for various levels of education in the UK. This link takes you to the Vikings section.

The BBC website provides a range of resources for KS2 teachers and learners. This link takes you to the material on the Vikings.

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Storynory is a website with audio stories for children, including stories about the Norse gods, such as this one about Loki. The language of the site is aimed at children of about 10 years old, although it points out that younger children can follow…

An activity sheet for primary school students intended to follow up a visit to Dublinia: Experience Viking and Medieval Dublin. The activity sheet can be freely downloaded…

An activity sheet for primary school students teaching about the vikings and preparing the class for a visit to Dublinia: Experience Viking and Medieval Dublin. The activity sheet can be freely downloaded at…

The Online Learning Website from Dublinia features interactive maps of Viking and medieval Dublin, and nine audio visual animations on historical sites in the city, available via a free online platform at

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Danish educational resource for schools.

Instructions for how to make a Viking longship from cardboard.
A short cartoon about how Odin created the world. Not entirely accurate but introduces some basic concepts. This video is part of a series by KeltieCochrane about Norse mythology.

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A comprehensive collection of activities that help to incorporate STEM into your Vikings topic. This resource links directly to various topics, including; Vikings' everyday life; weapons and warfare; travel and trade; and how modern day…

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History of Cork in the Viking Age aimed at primary students.

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An online education site with chapters about the Vikings

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Basic information about the Vikings
Vikings, Norse seafarers who left their homelands in Scandinavia to raid, trade, explore, and settle in wide areas of Europe, Asia, and the North Atlantic islands, from the late 8th to the mid-11th centuries. Learn it all in a Nutshell.

A short educational video about the Vikings done as a project for a Western Civilization class.

A short essay about the Vikings with links to other resources.

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A website with numerous resources for teaching younger children about the Vikings

Heritage Learning offers a two hour KS2 course on the Saxons and Vikings for primary schools
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