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Pathfinder is a 2007 action film directed by Marcus Nispel, which imagines a conflict between Vikings and Native Americans. Like many films of its genre, it takes great liberties with the history of the Norse in North America. Photo taken by Rebecca…

A blog post about Hastein Ragnarsson, Leif Eiriksson, and Oleg of Novgorod. It discusses these three Vikings and provides some primary sources that provide information about them.

Dechen Crew on 31X.pdf
From Contributor: "This is a great group of people I have the privilege of working with this summer, they are from the Tsilhqot’in Nation in western B.C. Canada, and although First Nation / Viking contact may be limited to brand logos on safety…

A diorama in the Saga Museum, Reykjavík, depicting a pregnant Freydís Eiríksdóttir bearing her breast and striking it with a sword to scare off an attack by the Skrælingjar (native peoples) in Vinland, an episode depicted in Eiríks saga rauða.

The Vinland Map is a mappa mundi that depicts Vinland, the Viking name for America. It first came to light in 1957 when it was offered for sale by an anonymous private library. It was thought to date from the mid-fifteenth century, and to be based on…
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