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Andrey Korovin (Moscow State Pedagogical University), ‘ Thorvald Kondrason as a Saga Hero and the Main Character in a Historical Novel’. Chaired by Alison Killilea. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25…

Kendra Wilson (University of Turku), Kendra Wilson (University of Turku), “Saga Style in a Finnish Beijing Opera”. Chaired by Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016.…

Notes produced by Rebecca Merkelbach for an introductory lecture at Cambridge on Gísla saga Súrssonar (one of the Sagas of Icelanders dealing with the outlaw Gísli ).

A handout produced by Rebecca Merkelbach to accompany an introductory lecture at Cambridge on Gísla saga Súrssonar (one of the Sagas of Icelanders dealing the outlaw figure Gísli).

Week 7 lecture handout Laxdœla saga.pdf
Handout on Laxdœla saga saga (The Saga of the People of Laxárdalr) by Joanne Shortt Butler, including extracts from the saga, a family tree and reading list.

Old Norse Lit - Hrafnkels saga.pdf
A handout produced by Joanne Shortt Butler on the Old Norse literature topic of 'The Saga of Hrafnkel Frey’s Godi', including background reading, questions to think about, and a glossary of terms and letters.

2016-08-17 (1).png
A map that has been tagged with historical events and mentions, including events from the sagas

Rebecca Merkelbach on outlaws, trolls and berserkers in the Icelandic sagas. This article considers how different types of characters in the sagas are monstrous.

Germanic Mythology.jpg
A website with translations and texts relating to Old Norse literature and Norse mythology. The website primarily links to other websites, but it does also include original material.

'Egil Skallagrimson reiser nidstang'. A sculpture of the warrior-poet Egill Skallagrímsson (tenth-century hero of Egils saga) raising a nithing pole to his Norwegian enemies, by renowned Norwegian sculpture Gustav Vigeland. It is located in a park…

Springer Link.jpg
The article describes how the authors performed a network analysis of the Íslendinga sögur to gather quantitative information on interrelationships between characters and to compare saga society to other social networks.

Mac Carron, P. & Kenna,…

The Icelandic Saga Map project has created an interactive map of the Icelandic sagas, linking places on the map to events in the sagas.

A blog with descriptions of, and links to items about, the Icelandic sagas.

Emily Lethbridge's blog of how she travelled around Iceland reading the sagas at the locations where they took place.

2016-07-11 (2).png
The website for Vatnsdæla saga depicted on a tapestry.

2016-07-11 (1).png
A tapestry of Njál's saga is being created. When the tapestry is finished it will be displayed at the Icelandic Saga Centre in Hvolsvöllur. The website has photographs of the work in progress and more information about the tapestry.

Heimskringla is an online collection of Old Norse source material.
The Comedytheatre in the Westfjords of Iceland will perform in English the powerful play Grettir every Wednesday this summer in Isafjordur. Shows will be in Edinborg Cultural Centre Isafjordur and starts at 20.00 every Wednesday. Tickets avalible at…

DSC01035 (960x1280).jpg
Billed as 'A theatreplay based on one of the most famous Icelandic sagas', written and produced by Elfar Logi Hannesson for Comedytheatre. Poster seen in the Westfjords.
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