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Carbost (Gaelic: Càrrabost) at Loch Harport is the home of the Talisker distillery, but more importantly is a Norse place name on the Isle of Skye. The name is thought to mean Brushwood Farm or Copse Farm from ON kjarr 'copse, brushwood, fen or…

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A map that has been tagged with historical events and mentions, including events from the sagas

Hjaltland Network.png
The Hjaltland Research Network ran a project to map Viking Age Shetland by digitising and mapping the datasets from different disciplines. It sought to answer the following questions:
– what happened to the pre-Viking population,
– …

Lighthouse at Cape Wrath.jpg
The photograph shows the lighthouse at Cape Wrath a name probably derived from Old Norse 'hvarf' meaning 'turn' or 'turning point'. It was here that the Vikings turned their ships around the coast to head for the Hebrides and Ireland.

Smoo Cave - Durness.jpg
Smoo Cave in Durness in the north of Scotland. Archaeological investigation has identified Neolithic, Norse and Iron Age artefacts. 'Smoo' is thought to derive from Old Norse 'smuga' (a small hole, narrow cleft).
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