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Julie Mell and Shaun Bennett (North Carolina State University), ‘ Immersive Visualisations and 3D-Printed Objects in the Teaching and Curating of Viking Sites and Artefacts’. Chaired by Orla Murphy. Remote presentation at the IRC-Funded…

The Abbey of St Olaf, the Viking saint, in Tønsberg. The photographs show the remains of the church attached to the abbey, and a bronze model of it. The church is circular, being the only round church in Vestfold.

The walls of Dublin Castle were built on the original defensive banks of the Viking settlement. In the undercroft of the powder tower the foundations of these defensive banks and revetments can be seen.

A special display in the Cathedral Library.
A piece of text beneath the exhibit piece says:
"Possibly evidence of the truth of the legend that a Dane was flayed alive for stealing the Sanctus bell of the monastery. This was recently analysed and…

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An article from the National Museum of Wales about facial reconstruction of skeletons from Llanbedrgoch in North Wales. The skeletons date to the second half of the tenth century and appear to have been the victims of violence.

Several of the original posts from the Ravning Bridge are displayed in the Kongernes Jelling Centre, alongside a multimedia display about the bridge itself with an artists impression of the original. The bridge, constructed in 979 or 980 lies 10km…

The Ravning Bridge (Danish Ravningbroen) is one of the most important archaeological sites in Denmark. It is located in the valley of the River Vejle, around 10km south of the important fortification at Jelling, crossing what is now known as Ravning…

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An article on a tombstone at St Paul's cathedral with Ringerike-style carving and a runic inscription. it is thought to date from the 11th century.

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Excavations at the Brough of Deerness have found a high-status, Norse settlement.

Excavations at Bryndum have revealed the presence of a previously unknown, late Viking Age burial place near the church.

Remains of a Viking Age Tunic
Universitetsmuseenes fotoportal is an online collection of photographs from six Norwegian universities. The link takes you to all Viking Age items

The remains of a church from c.1300 at Quassiarsuk (Brattahlid / Brattahlíð) in Greenland. Remains of an earlier church were found under these remains. The church is surrounded by a turf wall.

Openwork chape with Jellinge style decoration found at Coppergate, York. Now in The Yorkshire Museum. More information can be found at

Remains of the Viking Age church at Brattahlid (Brattahlíð). Thjodhild (Þjóðhild), Eirik the Red's wife, had the church built when she converted to Christianity. Areconstruction of the churchstands on the hillside…

A study of burials of Norse migrants was trumpeted by the popular press as showing that half of all Viking warriors were women.1 This is not the case as Tracy V. Wilson explained on her blog. The study focused on a small sample of Norse migrants and…

A report of a Viking trade centre in Western Australia was posted on the faux news site World Daily News Report. This report was more easily seen through than the report of a Viking ship in Tennessee from the same site, but it still had people…

Gokstadhaugen - The mound at Gokstad
This item links to a wesbite with a map showing a number of Viking-related sites in Norway that you can visit.

Pre-Christian Religions of the North is an international project to document the mythology and religious practices of early Scandinavia and Germanic Europe. The Sources Database brings together resources related to the project.

A small boat of approximately 37cm in length has been interpreted as a child's toy. This one was found at Winetavern Street during excavations by the National Museum of Ireland.

Viking-ship_at_roskilde-museum,_denmark copy.jpg
The Viking Ship Museum at Roskilde, Denmark, houses a collection of Viking Age ships as well as offering the opportunity to see and sail reconstructions.
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