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Thjodhild (Þjóðhild) had a church built in the Viking settlement of Brattahlíð (Qassiarsuk), Greenland. The reconstruction shows how the interior might have looked. It is small and would not have accommodated many people.

Remains of the Viking Age church at Brattahlid (Brattahlíð). Thjodhild (Þjóðhild), Eirik the Red's wife, had the church built when she converted to Christianity. Areconstruction of the churchstands on the hillside…

Thjodhild (Þjóðhild) stands on the low wall surrounding the reconstructed Viking Age church at the Viking settlement of Brattahlíð (Qassiarsuk), Greenland. This was the settlement where Erik the Red lived. Although he was a pagan, his wife…
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