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Several of the original posts from the Ravning Bridge are displayed in the Kongernes Jelling Centre, alongside a multimedia display about the bridge itself with an artists impression of the original. The bridge, constructed in 979 or 980 lies 10km…

The Ravning Bridge (Danish Ravningbroen) is one of the most important archaeological sites in Denmark. It is located in the valley of the River Vejle, around 10km south of the important fortification at Jelling, crossing what is now known as Ravning…

An article on dragon-style design in Norway around 1900. This was an expression of national romanticism rooted in Viking Age and medieval styles, such as the surviving stave churches. As its name suggests, it featured Norse motifs like serpents and…

An Incinerator at Richmond Hill, near Douglas, designed by architects Savage & Chadwick to reference the sails of Viking ships, and the Norse heritage of the Island.

Photograph of carvings on the north side of Urnes Stave Church. These carvings date from c. 1130, and may depict pre-Christian motifs.
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