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Replica of the carvings of the portal to Hylestad stave church. The carvings show scenes from the Sigurd legend.

Gol Stave Church was moved to the Folkemuseum in the late 19th century. Only about one third of the surviving church was used (those parts that were thought to be medieval). The church that stands at the Folkemuseum now was modelled on Borgund Stave…

Altar frontal illustrated with scenes from Óláfs saga helga, written in 1320-30 about the Norwegian King St. Olaf, (1015 to 1028). The altar resides in the replica stave church in Heimaey, which was a gift from the Norwegian state. It was erected…

Explanation of the construction of the Norwegian Stave Church and the history of Christianity in Heimaey

The replica stave church in Heimaey was a gift from the Norwegian state. It was erected in the year 2000 to commemorate 1000 years of Christianity in Iceland. The information board describes the church as a detailed replica of the Holtdalen Stave…

Stave church, originally from Gol, Hallingdal, Norway, now in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Oslo.

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This runic inscription can be found in the covered exterior passage, on the fourth wall-board to the right of the south portal. The inscription consists of five runes, two of which, according to Professor Magnus Olsen, may be disregarded as mere…

Photograph of carvings on the north side of Urnes Stave Church. These carvings date from c. 1130, and may depict pre-Christian motifs.
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