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The Abbey of St Olaf, the Viking saint, in Tønsberg. The photographs show the remains of the church attached to the abbey, and a bronze model of it. The church is circular, being the only round church in Vestfold.

St Olavs gate (St Olav's Road) in Oslo is named for Olav Haraldsson who died at the battle of Stiklestad in 1030. He is largely credited with converting Norway to Christianity, although somewhat brutally. This process was ostensibly begun by Olav…

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A bust of St Olaf was gifted to St Mary's Church, Lindisfarne by the Parish of Nidaros Cathedral.

Eleanor Parker writes about the English perspective on St Olaf in the medieval period.

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A blog post about an immigrant's first experience of St Olaf's Day in Norway
Lux illuxit is a Gregorian chant from the 12th century. It is taken from the Office of St Olav and is thought to have been composed by Eystein Erlendsson.

An article about Thorir Hund, who opposed Olaf Haraldsson at Stiklestad in 1030.

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This memorial poem for St Olaf was composed by Sigvatr Þórðarson. The hyperlink takes you to the Skaldic Poetry project where the text is available in Old Norse and in English.

A painting of the fall of Olaf Haraldsson at Stiklestad in 1030. Thorir hund stabs him with a spear.

Halfdan Egedius: Illustration for Olav den helliges saga. Snorre 1899-edition.

Book: Snorre Sturlason - Heimskringla, J.M. Stenersen & Co, 1899.

Sven Nordin as Olaf II in The Saint Olav Drama at Stiklestad, Norway

Anders Baasmo Christensen as King Olav in the 2003 production of The Saint Olav Drama.

A blog post about St Olaf and discussion of which church may have given Kirkwall its name.

St Olaf of Norway, patron saint of carvers, difficult marriages, kings, the Faroe Islands and Norway. The article provides a biography of St Olaf.

Heimskringla II-3.jpg
A modern translation of St Olaf's saga available as a freely downloadable pdf from the Viking Society for Northern Research

This item links to Laing's translation of St Olaf's saga. It is an old translation. The translator has been quite free in interpreting the Old Norse text.

An annual walk in north-west England to commemorate the Viking heritage of the area and the life of Norway's patron saint. The link takes you to the article about it in The Norseman magazine

This plaque in Orkney indicates the location of St Olaf's Kirk in Kirkwall, from which Kirkwall may derive it's name.

Altar frontal illustrated with scenes from Óláfs saga helga, written in 1320-30 about the Norwegian King St. Olaf, (1015 to 1028). The altar resides in the replica stave church in Heimaey, which was a gift from the Norwegian state. It was erected…
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