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A small sign marking the location of the Viking Age boat burial near Scar, on the north coast of Sanday, Orkney. Excavated in November/December 1991 and published in Olwyn Owen and Magnar Dalland, Scar: A Viking Boat Burial on Sanday, Orkney, 2000.

A strong fruity beer from Orkney that uses the Scar bone plaque as part of its image.

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A modern inscription in runes amongst other engraved messages on a stone in the Ring of Brodgar neolithic monument, Orkney. Perhaps inspired by the Viking-Age twig-runes on another of the stones. No transcription.

A photoblog describing the walk to and around the Norse settlement at the Brough of Birsay.

A blog post about St Olaf and discussion of which church may have given Kirkwall its name.

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Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin is a new product due to be launched in August 2016 and produced by Orkney Distilling Limited. It is branded using the Old Norse name for Kirkwall (Kirkjuvagr or 'Church Inlet') and the website explains that "Kirkjuvagr Gin…

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The Thing Project is a project dedicated to promoting tourism by engaging with the various thing sites in northern Europe.

The Old Norse word þing, meaning assembly, was used of a place where people met to make political decisions and decide law…

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Kirkwall Thorfinn FC is Orkney's oldest football club. The team's badge features a Viking longship, and their name references Orkney's famous earls, Thorfinn the Mighty and Thorfinn Skullsplitter

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Svein, a good Viking name, is one of the Norse-themed brands of malt whisky from the Highland Park distillery. It is part of their Warrior series which also includes Harald and Ingvar. They also have a whisky named for Odin, and have had other…

Small stylised Viking with sword, shield and horned helmet, with the inscription 'Orkney'. Photographed by Julie Cassidy in the Orkney Museum.

This plaque in Orkney indicates the location of St Olaf's Kirk in Kirkwall, from which Kirkwall may derive it's name.

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Egilsay is famous as the site of the martyrdom of St Magnus, and for the church that still stands on the site, with its unusual round tower. Egilsay may refer to the personal name Egil (Egil's Island) or to Gaelic eagles, meaning church. It was the…

Runic pins reading 'Orkney', on sale in a tourist shop in Kirkwall.
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