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Rune stone fromBällsta,Uppland (U 160). According to theSamnordisk runtextdatabasthe inscription reads: ... uk * arkil * uk * kui * þiR * kariþu * iar * þikstaþ ... ...unu * iki mirki * maiRi * uirþa * þan *…

The website for the Gulating project, which aims to mediate and promote the history of Gulating. The site includes information about Gulating's history, as well as material for schools to use in teaching about it.

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The Thing Project is a project dedicated to promoting tourism by engaging with the various thing sites in northern Europe.

The Old Norse word þing, meaning assembly, was used of a place where people met to make political decisions and decide law…

St Colmac's Church with Cnoc an Rath in the left middle ground
New research has identified a possible Viking thing (parliament) site on Bute in the Hebrides. It is suggested that Ketill flatnose may have been associated with it.

The three barrows at Gamla Uppsala in Sweden, known as the Royal Mounds. This was the site of Sweden's 'thing' (general assembly) during the Viking Age, and the most important religious and political centre in Sweden.
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