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Grágás is the Icelandic law code that exists in several editions. This is the edition found in Codex Regius.

Bibliographic reference for most recent printing:
'Grágás: Konungsbók genoptrykt efter Vilhjálmur Finsens udgave 1852', ed. by…

The website for the Gulating project, which aims to mediate and promote the history of Gulating. The site includes information about Gulating's history, as well as material for schools to use in teaching about it.

The Medieval Nordic Legal Dictionary is a 3-year project aimed at producing a Nordic-English lexicon of the legal terminology found in medieval Scandinavian texts.

This 'Welcome to Shetland' sign features a version of the Shetland coat of arms, including a Viking ship, and Shetland's motto 'Með lögum skal land byggja'. This is a normalised version of an Old Norse phrase from the Danish Jyske Lov meaning 'with…
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