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Café Sejd is locates on Gormstorv 7a in Jelling (Denmark).

Word 'sejd' (ON seiðr) is name of complex magic practices, which (according to the written sources) have been used by the gods (e.g. Odin, Freya), supernatural beings and people (mainly…

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A map of some of the Danish place names with connections to the Norse gods,on display in an exhibition on legacy at Kongernes Jelling (Royal Jelling) Experience Centre.See theirwebsitefor more information.

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A poster the days of the week with roots in the names of Norse gods, on display in an exhibition on legacy at Kongernes Jelling (Royal Jelling) Experience Centre.See theirwebsitefor more information.

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A poster with some of the modern Danish names with roots in the names of Norse gods and goddesses, on display in an exhibition on legacy at Kongernes Jelling (Royal Jelling) Experience Centre.See theirwebsitefor more information.

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The entrance to the new Kongernes Jelling Experience Centre in Jelling, Denmark. According to the website "The visitor and experience center at Kongernes Jelling - Home of the Viking Kings lies in the middle of the monument complex around Jelling…

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Several of the beers produced by Jelling Bryggeri draw on the prominent Viking heritage of the area, including Kong Haralds Classic, Gorm, Thyras Bryg, and Jelling Guld (with images of the pre-Viking Golden Horns of Gallehus)

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Bottled water on sale in Kongernes Jelling, which features a drawing of Harald Bluetooth or King Gorm the Old on the label.

The logo for Bluetooth short-range wireless technology is a bind rune made up of the initials of Harald Bluetooth's name using the runes of the younger futhark: ᚼ (H) (Hagall) and ᛒ (B) (Bjarkan), as explained in the exhibition at Kongernes…

Postcard from 1900 featuring the younger Jelling stone, DR 42. The inscription reads: Jelling. Runstenen med Dragebilledet og det ældste Kristusbillede i Norden (Jelling: The rune stone with dragon design and the oldest depiction of Christ in…

This replica of the Jelling II stone is sold on the Viking Shield website here, either painted or unpainted.

The danish passport features a representation of the Christ figure from Side C of the ninth-century Runestone of Harald Bluetooth, also on permanent display in situ at Jelling. The runic inscription on this side of the stone reads (in translation)…

Several of the original posts from the Ravning Bridge are displayed in the Kongernes Jelling Centre, alongside a multimedia display about the bridge itself with an artists impression of the original. The bridge, constructed in 979 or 980 lies 10km…

The Ravning Bridge (Danish Ravningbroen) is one of the most important archaeological sites in Denmark. It is located in the valley of the River Vejle, around 10km south of the important fortification at Jelling, crossing what is now known as Ravning…

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Sample audio clips on the website for the Viking Language Series by Jesse Byock. Includes a reading of the inscription on King Gorm's Rune stone in Jelling, and a reading from the Saga of the Greenlanders.

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Visitor and experience centre at Jelling, Denmark.

Items, including gilded bronze mounts for harness straps, and a reconstruction of a bird strap end discovered in excavations of the North mound in Jelling in 1820.

Photos of a brightly painted modern rune stone outside the Kongernes Jelling Museum. It was carved by Erik the Red Sandquist, a professional rune carver from Denmark who is a member of a re-enactment group
Brimir. This stone was made for the Royal…

Photo of Side C of the younger of the two Jelling rune stones (DR 42), raised by Harald Bluetooth (who died in 985 or 986) in memory of his father and mother, and his own legacy.

The English translation of the whole inscription on the Samnordisk…
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