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Recordings of the following can be accessed on this page: Vellekla Ragnarsdrápa Krákumál Egill Skallagrímsson Other texts are read as part of the lessons. Access here

Introduction to Old Norse (Week 1).pdf
Slides from three lectures introducing undergraduate students to Old Norse, with the main points of grammar covered as well as exercises to accompany the explanations. Includes a passage from Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða for translation. Used in Old…
An introduction to Old Icelandic/Old Norse grammar via a tour of Alaric's Magic Sheet of Old Norse Inflections (available via This video is mainly on asking what Old Icelandic is.

Pronunciation of Old Norse screenshot.jpg
Page on the standard pronunciation of Old Norse by Óskar Guðlaugsson from the website 'Old Norse for Beginners'

Viking Language screenshot.jpg
Sample audio clips on the website for the Viking Language Series by Jesse Byock. Includes a reading of the inscription on King Gorm's Rune stone in Jelling, and a reading from the Saga of the Greenlanders.

A blog post about Old Norse greetings and small talk.
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