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This popular website, run by writer Dan McCoy, intends to provide "reliable, well-documented information on the fascinating mythology and religion of the Norse/Germanic peoples." It has a section on learning Old Norse.

A brief general introduction to what little we know about music in the Viking Age, including literary references, finds of instruments and some audio clips of reconstructed instruments. Includes some references for further reading.

Wardruna is a musical project based on Nordic mythology and spirituality. As their website explains, they rework Norse poetry and narratives: "With the use of the oldest of Nordic instruments and poetic metres as well as lyrics written in Norwegian,…

The official home page for Anundshög, Sweden’s largest prehistoric burial mound, and Viking Age ship setting.

Online article hosted on the website of writer and historian Thor Ewing giving his take on the tenth-century hogback from Heysham in Lancashire. Hogbacks - seemingly a distinctively Anglo-Norse style of grave marker - are some of the most discussed…

Viking Juve is one of the more extreme groups of the Juventus Ultras (organised fans of Juventus Football Club in Turin). The group has been involved in hooliganism, and it may be a willingness to fight that led to them naming the group after the…

Sports Pub in Yuba City, CA which uses a Viking cartoon figure with horned helmet in its branding. For more information, see

A blog post from Tamara Bakx, about a visit to an exhibition on Dragons and the history of Limburg. The blog post is named 'Vikings adventure in The Netherlands'.

Blog post by Tamara Bakx: The Dutch story of Mariken of Nijmegen rewritten as a Viking tale. Based on a story by De meesters van Katherina van Kleef en de gebroeders van Limburg. (Subjective interpretation).

The Yggdrasil Mobility Programme is a research grant for international PhD students and young researchers to fund research stays in Norway. The programme is currently suspended.

It demonstrates the use of the World-Tree symbolism in an initiative…

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Page on the standard pronunciation of Old Norse by Óskar Guðlaugsson from the website 'Old Norse for Beginners'

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Sample audio clips on the website for the Viking Language Series by Jesse Byock. Includes a reading of the inscription on King Gorm's Rune stone in Jelling, and a reading from the Saga of the Greenlanders.

Website for Avaldsnes: Noregs eldste kongesete (Norway's Oldest Royal Seat), which includes information about the Avaldsnes History Centre, Viking Farm, and background information about the Vikings, illustrated with images of re-enactors.

Database of illustrations of Old Norse mythology, as well as scenes of Old Norse paganism and the Conversion period, from manuscripts and early print sources. 450 images as of May 2024.

'Old Norse Digital Web: An Integrated Environment for Old Icelandic Morphology and Textual Study' is a project developing an automated, web-based Old Icelandic morphological (“word form”) analyzer and English language search tool that will attach…

Vikingen in Nederland landkaartje.jpg
Website in Dutch, which includes a section on Vikings in de lage landen (Vikings in the Low Countries). The raids during a time period of 900 AD till 1200 AD.
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