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A scholarly edition of the late Eddic (or Eddic-style) poem 'Hrafnagaldur Óðins' (Odin's Raven Spell) by Annette Lassen, for the Viking Society for Norther Research (2011). The edition is available to download as a PDF.

This fantastic publication covers everything from politics and belief in Viking Age Denmark, to experimental archaeology and the journey of the Sea Stallion. It also includes two chapters on the use of Viking branding in the past and in Denmark today…

Thirteenth century runic stone from Sandavágur Church in the Faroes. The inscription reads 'Þorkell Ônundar sonr, austmaðr af Rogalandi, bygði þenna stað fyrst.' Þorkell Ônundr's son, man of the east from Rogaland, lived in this place first…

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Menota is a network of archives, libraries and research departments working with medieval texts and manuscript facsimilies. The website links to numerous resources related to this topic.

A legend about how Kitterland Island in the Calf Sound got its name, due to the drowning of the Norwegian Baron Kitter.

'Old Norse Digital Web: An Integrated Environment for Old Icelandic Morphology and Textual Study' is a project developing an automated, web-based Old Icelandic morphological (“word form”) analyzer and English language search tool that will attach…
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