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The Yggdrasil Mobility Programme is a research grant for international PhD students and young researchers to fund research stays in Norway. The programme is currently suspended.

It demonstrates the use of the World-Tree symbolism in an initiative…

Database of illustrations of Old Norse mythology, as well as scenes of Old Norse paganism and the Conversion period, from manuscripts and early print sources. 450 images as of May 2024.

'Old Norse Digital Web: An Integrated Environment for Old Icelandic Morphology and Textual Study' is a project developing an automated, web-based Old Icelandic morphological (“word form”) analyzer and English language search tool that will attach…

"Stories for all time"
Stories for all time is a research project based at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Nordic research (Nordisk Forskningsinstitut). It aims to survey the transmission history of the Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda or legendary sagas.

A report by Dr Leszek Gardeła on an ongoing international collaborative project, 'The Pre-Christian Religions of the North Project and its Archaeological Sources Database'. Published in FASCICULI ARCHAEOLOGIAE HISTORICAE XXVIII. Submitted to…

Orkney Project Poster.jpg
A poster created by ECRs on the Orkney Viking Heritage Project. Designed and produced by Annelies Stern.

Lord's Prayer in Orcadian Norn.jpg
A poster produced by ECRs on the Orkney Viking Heritage Project, demonstrating the language of Viking Age Orkney through the Lord's Prayer.
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