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Gokstad (1280x931).jpg
A historical photo of the partly-excavated Gokstad ship in Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway in the 1880s. From the Universitetsmuseens fotoportal

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The Viking warship Skuldelev 3 in 29.4 meters long, and the largest of the ships scuttled in the Roskilde Fjord. It dates to to c. 1042 and is built from oak from the Dublin area in Ireland and as an impressive warship probably took part in several…

2013-08-12 13.12.02.jpg
The well-preserved viking ship Skuldelev 3, a small cargo vessel dating to c. 1040 and probably used for trade and transport in Danish waters and the Baltic. It is on permanent display in the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, and was reconstructed as…

DSC01721 (2000x1514).jpg
Beads and gaming pieces of amber, some unfinished. Found in Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

Bars, wires and ingots (silver bullion), 800-900. White Horse Road in London. AN1909.556

DSC02937 (1280x960).jpg
There are several bronze plaques around the Wood Quay area (the centre of Viking Dublin) which indicate where artefacts were discovered in the city. Some of these artefacts can be viewed in the National Museum. Erected by Dublin City Council.
A short promotional video about the Museet Ribes Vikinger and Ribe VikingCentre.

The Collection in Lincoln offers Viking workshops for schools as well as loan boxes that can be taken back to the classroom for the students to handle.

The church in Bø was built around 1180 and was dedicated to St. Olaf. The semi-circle apse in the chancel was added at a later date. The forged iron chandelier is one of the elements in the church that remained from the middle ages.

Pre-Christian Religions of the North is an international project to document the mythology and religious practices of early Scandinavia and Germanic Europe. The Sources Database brings together resources related to the project.
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