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Two grave urns from Ribe, one with comb and knife. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Bone combs and comb parts from Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

Wooden combs with designed based on the various bone plaques that have been found.

Wooden chopping boards with Viking-style decoration and decorated bone combs in cases.

Antler double-sided comb from High Street (E71:13196) and antler comb case from Christchurch Place (E122:14135).

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Comb fragments at 'Aros in the Viking Age' exhibition on excavation site underneath Nordea Bank in Århus Denmark. Aros = Århus. Replicas and original artefacts from everyday life in Viking Århus.

This website provides a general synthesis of data about early medieval combs, including Viking and Viking Age combs.

Cite this as: S. Ashby 2011 'An Atlas of Medieval Combs from Northern Europe', Internet Archaeology 30.…

A comb on display at the Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo

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Vikings are often portrayed as barbaric, dirty warriors. However, archaeological finds indicate that they were well-coiffured, well-clad, and, not least, well-combed.
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