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Balders vei (Balder's Way) is named for Balder who was killed with a dart made from mistletoe.

A boat with a rune-like script for its name. Ringhorne is the modern Norwegian version of Hringhorni, the name of Balder's ship. Hringhorni was supposed to be the largest ship in Asgard.

The Death of Balder' is a frieze by Dagfin Werenskiold that is displayed outside Oslo City Hall together with eleven other friezes of his. The friezes are made of pine deck timber, impregnated with linseed oil, and then painted and gilded with gold…

Balder is a digestif like Jägermeister and similar spiced liqueurs. It uses a Lewis gaming piece rook as its logo, but also plays on the name of the Norse god Baldr as part of its marketing strategy.

Since the founding of the club, kayaks at Vordingborg Ro- og Kajakklub (Rowing and Kayak Club) have traditionally been named after figures from Norse mythology, both well-known and more obscure.
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