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Freya af Göteborg [Freya of Gothenburg]. Charter expedition ship with highest ice class for Arctic/Antarctic sea ice. Owner: Rederi AB Origo/Origo Shipping Company. Home port: Göteborg Hamn [Gothenburg Harbour], Sweden. Built 1981, named Fyrbjörn.…

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Valravn organic stout. ‘Dark as the soil of Funen’. From Bryggeriet Frejdahl.

Valravn organic stout from microbrewery Bryggeriet Frejdahl, Assens, Denmark. Frejdahl brewery established 2015 as part of Bryggeriet Vestfyen (West Funen…

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The Freya brand of lingerie makes more sense than some examples of appropriation of Norse themes.

Liebig Company used a series of images of Old Norse gods and heroes to advertise their meat products in the late nineteenth century, some influenced by Wagner's 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'. The company was headquartered in London.

Frøyasvei (Freyja's Way) is named for the Vanir goddess Freyja who owned the Brisingamen necklace.

This tin for Freia chocolates is the most explicit reference to the Viking Age that we have found in their marketing. It depicts scenes and characters from Norse history.

Freia, the company named for the Norse goddess, produced baking powder as well as chocolate.

Freia began as a brand in Oslo in 1889 when the factory was first founded to produce chocolate. The reason for the name of the company is not known, but Freia is one way of spelling the Norse goddess' name.

Freyja is known for Brisingamen, the necklace, and this shop appears to sell a wide range of jewellery of which she might have approved.

Since the founding of the club, kayaks at Vordingborg Ro- og Kajakklub (Rowing and Kayak Club) have traditionally been named after figures from Norse mythology, both well-known and more obscure.
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