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#everydayvikings spotted at work (Denmark): Colleague uses 'Viking drinking horn' travel coffee mug. Bought it in Slovakia.

If anyone has further information about Viking heritage in Slovakia, we'd love to hear!

Goat Story.jpg
Goat Story's 16 oz horn mug is designed to bring a little Viking to your morning cup, with a spill-proof lid and a cross-body carry-strap that converts to a stand to allow you to balance your horn of plenty on your desk between swigs.

DSC00983 (960x1280).jpg
Pottery drinking horn souvenir featuring a bearded Viking with a horned helmet and the label 'Iceland'.

DSC00959 (960x1280).jpg
T-Shirt advertising Egils Brewery, depicting a Viking drinking from a horn with the caption 'Choice of Vikings'. Viking imagery is used widely in the Icelandic brewing industry.

A magnet from a shop in Heimaey, depicting a valkyrie. Original source for this design may be the Öland Silver 'Valkyrie' Pendant

Tjängvide I (G 110) dates from c.700-800 AD and is now on display at Statens historiska museum in Stockholm. It is one of several Gotlandic picture stones with similar motifs; a ship under sail below and a scene that appears to be a welcome to…
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