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Sievert-Siefred-Cnut group coin, Northumbria (York Mint). 895-902. HCR7871 & HCR7920

Saint Edmund Memorial Coinage, produced in East Anglia 896-910 by the East-Anglian Vikings, and imitating coins produced during Edmund's reign. HCR7805 and HCR7803

Coin of Guthrum (christened Æthelstan II) from East Anglia, 880-890.

Viking imitations of King Alfred the Great coins, from around 880. HCR7915 and HCR7916

Podcast on the BBC website in the series 'The Matter of the North' looking at the impact of the Vikings and Norman invasions on the North of England.

Presented by Melvin Bragg

Professor Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham
The Early Middle Ages, 284--1000 (HIST 210)

In the first part of this lecture, Professor Freedman discusses the emergence of the Vikings from Scandinavia in the ninth and tenth centuries. The Vikings were highly adaptive, raiding (the…

Danish Invader.jpg
Statue of a Danish Viking (with horns) outside the Danish Invader pub, Empingham Road, Stamford, Lincs. Stamford was one of the five Danish burghs in the Danelaw. Danish Invader built in 1968
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