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A (mostly) weekly podcast devoted to telling a (mostly) narrative history of the Viking Age. Currently covering the early Viking Age in Ireland and Scotland.

Podcast on the BBC website in the series 'The Matter of the North' looking at the impact of the Vikings and Norman invasions on the North of England.

Presented by Melvin Bragg

Professor Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham

Podcast from Le Salon noir, France Culture, broadcast Saturday 9 January at 19:30.
'Dans les pas des invasions vikings' (In the Footsteps of the Viking Invasions') with Vincent Carpentier, medieval archaeologist at Inrap

The Law Rock at Thingvellir
Saga Thing has collected a selection of nicknames from the sagas that they have discussed. Old Norse nicknames could often be less than complimentary, frequently scurrilous, and were always given, never self-imposed. The giving of a nickname could be…
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