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This web page includes printable boards for many of the variants of hnefatafl, the Vikings' board game.

A hnefatafl set at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. Although the board has been printed, the pieces are just stones that have been found. Hnefatafl could be very easily played in this way, by scratching a board onto a convenient flat surface and using…
In the first episode of our new video series, we play 'Vikings', a tile-placement strategy game designed by Michael Kiesling in 2007, in which Dr. Rory Naismith and Dr. Kate Wiles dispel the myth of horned Norsemen and uncover the secrets of buried…

This contribution explores an aspect of boat burials in the second half of the first millennium ad across Northern Europe, specifically boat burials that included equipment for board games (surviving variously as boards and playing pieces, playing…

Slides for a paper on the Viking game of tafl. The article outlines the history of tafl games. The slides are downloadable as a pdf

A short article about the Viking game of hnefatafl from Uig Historical Society

Odins Ravens - Dieuwke.jpg
Odin's Ravens is a card game that ostensibly has a Norse theme.

2016-07-22 (2).png
A home-made hnefatafl board.
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