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Snowcream Ltd is a milk company based in Glenville, Co. Waterford, Ireland, which uses a Viking ship for the branding of Snowcream milk. For more information, see the website at

A powdered sauce for meatballs produced by Knorr for the German market, and branded as a 'Viking Dish'.

A type of Norwegian flatbread made using potato flour so that it is gluten-free. It is made by Biri flatbrødfabrikk. There is no known connection between the god Odin and this flatbread.

Mead vinegar from Vinperlen advertised with the aid of a Viking with plaits and a horned helmet

Viking rye bread from Kohberg Bakery Group A/S. Largest Danish bread company. Original bakery founded 1969. Viking (and Hercules) rye bread launched 1989.

Banette Viking.jpg
A dark seeded loaf from France, that claims Nordic inspiration.

Viking yoghurt.jpg
Viking Icelandic Yogurt from Saga Dairy Inc uses a longship as its logo.

Meat chips produced by Russian (Moscow-based) company Дымов, which feature a red-haired Viking with horned helmet, a runic inscription and interlace artwork as a background.
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