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Brunnhilde the Valkyrie was a recurring character in the Marvel universe. She has had multiple identities/bodies. The original Brunnhilde died during a revolt staged by Loki, but her spirit lives on in the Earth woman Samantha Parrington. who…

A replica of Rune stone Gs 19 which was destroyed in a fire in the adjacentOkelbo Kyrka,Gästriklands, Sweden. It isone of the so-called Sigurd Stones, which depict scenes from the legend of the Völsungs. It also includes a unique depiction…

Brynhild Hel Website.mp3
A performance of the Eddic Poem 'Helreið Brynhildar' (Brynhild's Ride to Hel) by the ensemble Moirai (Hanna Marti vocals, and Mara Winter, flute and vocals). Moirai, founded in Reykjavik in 2015,specializes in the music of the Early and High…
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