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From the Inrap website:

Des récits palpitants qui racontent deux siècles et demi de conquêtes et d’histoire du monde sur trois continents. Écrit par Vincent Carpentier, archéologue à l’Inrap et illustré par Jeff Pourquié. Une…

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A children's (0-4 yrs) picture book about Brian Boru's childhood adventures with the Vikings.

Institutet för språk og folkminnen has Lena Peterson's Nordiskt Runnamnslexikon available for pdf download or to buy as a physical book. The book is a dictionary of personal names found in runic inscriptions.

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LibraryThing is a site for cataloguing your books online. It is possible to search the site by keyword and read reviews that other people have written about the books. This item links to a search for 'Vikings' that returned over 1000 results.

Overview of a personal humble collection of books related to the topic of a current PhD-project, namely the Viking-age woman known as Unnr djúpúðga or Auðr djúpauðga (lit. Unn the ‘deep-minded’ or Aud the ‘deeply wealthy’).
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