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Reconstruction of an eleventh-century leather shoeby experimental archaeologist John Nicholl. The original wasfound in Annaholty Bog on the border of Co. Limerick and Co. Tipperary, and probably dates to the eleventh or twelfth century. It is of a…

Images of a leather shoe found in Annaholty Bog on the border of Co. Limerick Co. Tipperary and dating to the eleventh or twelfth century. It is a well preserved example of a shoe type found in urban centres in Ireland and across Europe during the…

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This narrow lane leading up from the south bank of the River Lee in Cork is one of the only place names in the city with possible Norse roots. The name may come from the ON word keisari (meaning emperor) or more likely from keisa, meaning to bend or…

History of Cork Art Mural in Grattan Street Carpark, painted by pupils from Cork Educate Together National School (Installation by O’Shea Builders Ltd & PJ Hegarty & Sons Ltd, sponsored by KBC Bank.)

The mural includes a lively section on the…

This is a handmade cushion received by the contributor Alison Killilea. It is decorated with several images of Norse mythology by Swedish artist John Bauer (1882-1918)

We are not sure why this house in Cork is named after the great hall in Asgard ruled by Odin, but we are sure there is an interesting story behind it! It is fairly common for buildings in areas of Norse settlement to be named after figures from Norse…

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Information board about the Vikings in Youghal Heritage Centre and Tourist Office

Artwork by Youghal artist John O'Mahony, featuring a Viking with beard and horned helmet. Youghal was founded as a temporary settlement by the Vikings, but there is little tangible reminder of this Viking heritage.

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An essay about Cork in the Viking Age

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Photograph of Reginald's Tower in Waterford, built in the thirteenth-century on the site of the existing Viking-Age wooden tower, and taking its name from the Hiberno-Norse ruler Ragnall MacGillemaire, son of Ívar. It now houses the the Waterford…

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A booklet produced by PhD students working in the Munster Team of the Languages, Myths and Finds Project.
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