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Snaptun stone is tuyère which protect the bellows from a heat of a blacksmith's forge. It has been found on a beach near Snaptun, Demark. On the stone has been carved face with long, curled moustache and stitched mouth. Researchers have identified…

Blacksmithing was a vital trade in the Viking Age, producing everything from the tools for working the land, to the clinch-nails of Viking ships and expensive swords and mail. The blacksmith may also have been a revered figure, and associated with…

The Hørning stone (DR 58) was carved by an emancipated slave in honour of his master. The inscription reads: tuki : smiþr : riþ : stin : ift ¶ þurkisl : kuþmutaR : sun : is : hanum ¶ kaf : kul : uk :…
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