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This iron staff has been found in heavily disturbed grave in Fuldby (Bjernede, Søre, Denmark). The staff has been probably covered with a large stone.

Photo of this artefact has been took on the temporary exhibition entitled 'Die Wikinger' which…

Indgang 01 til Vikingemuseet Aarhus (15).jpg
Entrance to Vikingemuseet (Viking Museum) under Nordea Bank, Århus, Denmark. 'Aros In The Viking Age' exhibition on excavation site of original town now underneath Nordea bank, Aros = Århus. Exhibit: both replicas and original artefacts found…
Set in AD 991 at the mouth of the river Panta, the Earl Byrhtnoth deals battle to Viking raiders. Unfortunately the epic poem is a fragment; the opening lines and the end have been lost. It remains nonetheless a magnificent record of heroism and…
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