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This staff has been found in Gävle (Gastrikland, Sweden) in a grave in which have been also discovered weaponry and jewellery. It has been made from iron with ornamentation with bronze animal heads. In the lower part it has ring with tree iron…

This iron staff has been found in heavily disturbed grave in Fuldby (Bjernede, Søre, Denmark). The staff has been probably covered with a large stone.

Photo of this artefact has been took on the temporary exhibition entitled 'Die Wikinger' which…

The Hemdrup staff has been found in a bog at Hemdrup (Næsborg, Jylland, Denmark). It has been made from yew wood and it is 50 cm long. On the staff have been carved depiction of fantastic animals, human's silhouette and triquetra symbol. Moreover,…
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