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Götterdämmerung ('Twilight of the Gods' - a mistranslation of Ragnarök) is the final Opera of Wagner's 'Ring Cycle' based on the Old Norse myth cycle. This poster is from a 1998 production by the Hungarian State Opera (Magyar Állami Operaház).
Old Commercial featuring Vikings and chocolate.

An advertising hoarding in Dublin using Vikings to advertise cheese and onion crisps.

Graffiti in "runic style" font, advertising a Viking event in West Runton. If anyone knows what this event was, please do let us know!

The Nordic Ice brand uses a stereotypical Viking with a horned helmet as its logo. It is made by Temperatsure.

VIKINGS THE EXHIBITION is on at the Discovery Times Square Museum. This advert offers a discount with a MetroCard.
Advertiser Marriott
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Advert for cheese cubes with Vikings

A commercial spot that shows the secret part of Vikings' lives.
An advert for cream cheese cubes featuring Vikings. This shows that Vikings can be appropriated for almost anything
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