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This item is a transliteration, transcription and translation of World-Tree item 1347.

The animal skin is from Romania where there was a strong German minority until after WW2, and many of them were…

According to the uploader, this was found in an attic in Romania. It is clearly a modern inscription in a pseudo runic alphabet (Armanen runes). This script was developed by the German occultist Guido von List, whose bizarre interpretations of…

Brooch from Etelhem in Gotland (now in Historiska museet) inscribed with older futhark runes and dating to the period 400-500AD. According to Rundata one reading is as follows: mk mrla wrt(a)a Ek, erilaz, worta. I, the eril, wrought.

Rune stone DR 359, with an inscription in runes from the older futhark. Originally from Istaby, Blekinge, and now housed in the Historiska museet.It has been dated to the period 520-570, and is one of the few runestones from this early period.…
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