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A textile placemat in a series by Leif Thesen (Oslo), depicting a fleet of Viking ships

A Viking-ship-themed stage at the National Day celebrations in Bergen, Norway, 2015.

The Viking Theatre draws on the Viking past of Clontarf, and the international significance of the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.The website describes the theatre as follows: "The Viking Theatre aims to provide a professional, artistic outlet for both…

An Incinerator at Richmond Hill, near Douglas, designed by architects Savage & Chadwick to reference the sails of Viking ships, and the Norse heritage of the Island.

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This is a plaque outside the Sound Cafe overlooking the Calf Sound in the Isle of Man, commemorating the opening of the building by King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway. The plaque depicts a Viking longship from one of the Maughold stone crosses,…

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Viking Light Beer is brewed by Viking Ölgerd brewery in Akureyri, and is one of many Icelandic beers to use Viking branding, in this case a ship.

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T-Shirt from a tourist shop in Iceland with a depiction of a stylised dragon head from the prow of a Viking ship. If you know the original or reconstruction which is the basis of this design, please let us know.

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T-Shirt from an Icelanic Tourist shop depicting a Viking ship.

Baldoyle United Football Club draws on the Viking heritage and seafaring culture of Dublin and its surroundings with this logo depicting a Viking ship.

The Vikings is one of several medieval attractions at Puy du Fou Theme Park in Les Epesses in the west of France. The attraction features a Viking ship emerging from the water and an attack on a fortified village with pyrotechnics.

Logo of, a co-operative initiative by the Clontarf Residents’ Association, the Clontarf Business Association and Web Together. The logo features a Viking ship, drawing on the Norse heritage of Clontarf.

This 'Welcome to Shetland' sign features a version of the Shetland coat of arms, including a Viking ship, and Shetland's motto 'Með lögum skal land byggja'. This is a normalised version of an Old Norse phrase from the Danish Jyske Lov meaning 'with…

Hat in a souvenir shop in Lerwick, Shetland, featuring a Viking ship, and produced by Beechfield Original Headwear

The logo of this steel storage company in the Port of Tórshavn appears to be based on the sail of a Viking Ship

The Rose Window features a version of the coat of arms of Lerwick, with several elements of Norse heritage incorporated: the Viking ship with dragon prows, the battle-axe and the raven (the latter associated with Odin and an important symbol in Norse…

The Rotary Club of Shetland features a Viking Ship with a rotary club symbol on its sail.

La Drakkar Camembert from La Laiterie de Gratot in Manche, Normandy. The branding draws on the Norse heritage of Normandy and includes a stylised Viking drakkar (or warship). It is one of several Normandy cheeses to draw on Viking heritage.

A camembert cheese from Roger Lanquetot et Fils in Vern-sur-Seiche, Ille-et-Vilaine department in Brittany, which uses imagery based on the Bayeux Tapestry including a Norman ship in the branding of its Viking cheese.

Danish Blue Cheese (danablu) produced for an international market by The Dairy Viking. Producer unknown. Please contact us if you have information about this image.

This Viking Ship seat outside the Orkneyinga Saga Centre at Orphir, Orkney is a good spot for photos.
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