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A Norse raven flag seen at English Heritage's Festival of History 2010 in the Viking Camp.

Kongsberg maritime screenshot.jpg
Two autonomous submarines produced by Kongsberg Maritime are named Hugin ('thought') and Munin ('mind') after Odin's ravens, which brought him information.

Official Website of the Up Helly Aa Festival in Shetland.

The Up Helly A' is a festival celebrated on the 24th day after Christmas in Shetland. The celebrations involve a parade of 1000 guizers led by a Jarl, and culminates in the burning of a…

Each proclamation displayed publicly before the Up Helly Aa festival includes a painting, usually relating to the Viking heritage of Shetland. These are housed in the Up Helly Aa Exhibition.

The Up Helly A' is a festival celebrated on the 24th day…

A Jarl is chosen every year to lead the Up Helly Aa Vikings, who lead the parade and burn the galley during the festivities. The elaborate costume includes a helmet with raven feathers, and a shield with a raven emblem.

The Up Helly A' is a…

The Rose Window features a version of the coat of arms of Lerwick, with several elements of Norse heritage incorporated: the Viking ship with dragon prows, the battle-axe and the raven (the latter associated with Odin and an important symbol in Norse…
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