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Scandinavian history in the Viking Age.pdf
A short handout produced by Joanne Shortt Butler on the topic of Ari Thorgilsson’s Book of the Icelanders and Icelandic Identity, including a short reading list, questions, and a glossary of terms and characters.

The Rotary Club of Shetland features a Viking Ship with a rotary club symbol on its sail.

This is a photo of the logo from a map produced by Tórshavar Havn (and shared with Tórshavn Municipality) depicting Mjǫllnir - the hammer owned by Thor. This references the fact that Tórshavn in the Føroyar was named after the Norse god (lit.…

2016-06-17 (7).png
The website for the Melting Pot project which proposes to use cutting-edge techniques to study how food and cooking were used to forge social relationships in Viking-Age Britain.

The Kensington runestone is one of several runestones found in the American Midwest. Olof Ohman claimed to have discovered it in 1898 near Kensington, Minnesota. The stone describes an expedition by Swedes and Norwegians to the area in the fourteenth…
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