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Alaric's_magic_sheet 1.4 Acrobat 5.pdf
A two page sheet giving students a handy reference to paradigms and the essentials of Old Norse grammar. Available to download from's_magic_sheet.pdf

Dictionary for translating from English to Old Norse.

Arthur, Ross G., 2002 'English-Old Norse Dictionary' (Cambridge, Ontario: In parentheses Publications)

This page gives a short reading list of history books, fiction, and books suited for children. All of the books are easy to access.

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the Vikings’ myths. Thor’s huge hammer, the wailing Valkyrie, howling wolves and fierce elemental giants give a rowdy impression of the Norse myths. But at the centre of their cosmos stands a gnarled old…

An Icelandic-English dictionary, based on the ms. collections of the late Richard Cleasby. Enl. and completed by Gudbrand Vigfússon. With an introduction and life of Richard Cleasby by George Webbe Dasent.Download the dictionary from…

Viking Society.gif
Digital PDF versions of printed works published by The Viking Society. Includes Old Norse editions, translations and secondary literature.

Viking Helmet mask.pdf
A paper helmet mask based on the Gjermundbu Helmet of Norway, dating to the second half of the 10th century (sometime between 950 and 975AD). This work was created as part of the participant packet for attendees of Viking Fest, Lodi, California.…

This exhibition is a partnership with the British Museum, featuring some stunning Viking objects and highlighting the importance of Cornwall to the Vikings. It's a very hands on, family friendly exhibition and runs until January 2017. A selection of…

2016-06-14 (2).jpg
Vikingar! is an interactive experience about the Vikings, offering educational tours as well as general visits.

A short video about the Vikings

2016-06-17 (1).png
Menota is a network of archives, libraries and research departments working with medieval texts and manuscript facsimilies. The website links to numerous resources related to this topic.

2016-06-17 (9).png
Norsk historie, sesong 1, episode 2: Nordmennenes land - 800-1270

2016-06-21 (6).png
A printable Viking paper doll with clothes and accessories that can be cut out and coloured in.

A print out and colour in map of the Viking World from the Layers of Learning initiative, which is a homeschool curriculum company and produces several free-to-share educational resources for children. A PDF can be downloaded at their website.

An activity from DLTK's Crafts for Kids, which features many downloadable activities for children. To download the template, click here

Store norske leksikon.png
An online entry in Store norske leksikon for the Viking Age in Norway

2016-07-06 (2).png
A short history of the Viking Age and medieval period in Norway with exercises for pupils. These are supplements to the book 'Historie Vg2. Fra de eldste tider til 1700-tallet'.

norges historie.png
Supplementary resources for the book Norges Historie: en innføring

2016-07-06 (4).png
Short summary about the Viking Age in Norway with links to further articles
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